Spring Concert|Update

We are thrilled to announce that Roxanna Panufnik will be joining us as we perform the premiere of her Westminster Mass on May 8th at the National Concert Hall.

Come along to this not-to-be-missed Irish premiere.

Panufnik’s radiant and much-loved Westminster Mass was a 1998 commission for London’s Westminster Cathedral Choir to celebrate the 75th birthday of the late Cardinal Hume. His response upon hearing the music was to tell Panufnik – then still 29 years old – that she “pierced the clouds” between the congregation and God.

“Its combination of brilliance, charm and what you might call the ‘common touch’ bridged many of the boundaries that separate new music from a wider audience.” (Critic, Michael White).

“The Westminster Mass is extremely beautiful… here was something unarguably spiritual, something which forced you to take the entire proceedings seriously… passing dissonances resolve into consonant harmonies that break through like a shaft of light before they are resolved again…” (Tempo Magazine).


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